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Skubala & Potter Jewellery Design

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Welcome to the wonderful world of jewellery.

There is beauty in every piece of jewellery. Here at S&P you have the convenience of restoring old bits and bobs you used to love at the bottom of your jewellery box, remodelling items you aren’t too keen on and have one to one bespoke design services all in one place.  

We are both goldsmiths, who met and fell in love in Sheffield, UK. Skubala & Potter Jewellery Design combines our years of experience with our commitment to working with each customer to create bespoke results. We love getting creative and being part of your story. As the Yorkshire folk would say, “there’s nowt finer”.

What we have to say about each other

“When Chris was younger he wanted to be a Super Hero or a Jedi Knight, unfortunately those positions were already taken. Starting in the trade at the age of 16 he now has over 20 years experience as a goldsmith. He knows anything and everything you could ever want to know about jewellery… and Star Wars. Every day in the workshop is another day of admiring his skill as a Master goldsmith and aspiring to follow in his footsteps".


 “Sarah always wanted to work in the metalwork trade, and after studying Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University became the only female metal spinner in England at that time. She eventually realised her passion was working as a Goldsmith, and hasn’t looked back since.

Sarah is the artist of the duo and also the business engine. Driven by excellence, her competitive edge keeps me striving for the best”.


Together, we are passionate about using the skills we have built up over many years to produce quality products. We specialise in bespoke; we can chat to you about budget, material and design concept to create what you really want. 

See you soon! 

Chris & Sarah 

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