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How much does a bespoke service cost?

Despite what you may think,, bespoke doesn't mean expensive! We can go about this in two ways. 
1) You have an idea in mind and we can tell you how much that will cost.

2) You can tell us your budget and we'll create an item within that. 

The benefit of working with us is that we use our knowledge of stones and material to advise you on your options based on your lifestyle. 

How long does it take to have something made?

We are currently asking for 3-4 months planning for your bespoke items. If you need it sooner than this then we encourage you to still contact us and let us know there is a time restriction in the initial email.

When it comes to diamonds, what are the four C's?

Cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. 

The combination of the C's is universally used to assess the quality of a diamond.

Cut - How well the facets react with light

Colour - Evaluation is based on the absence of colour

Clarity - The absence of inclusions and blemishes

Carat weight - Measure's a diamond's apparent size

There is a perfect diamond for every budget. The importance of the four c's is the difference between a dull and lifeless diamond and one that catches your eye with it's radiance.

What's a salt and pepper diamond?

These stones were once outcast by the diamond industry but are now being put to use. Salt and pepper diamonds are a low quality diamond that are full of inclusions. These inclusions are black and white creating a salt and pepper effect.

If they are full of inclusions why buy them at all?  

Affordability, upcycling and uniqueness

1. The grading makes them affordable

2. Using a stone that was once rejected

3. Beauty doesn't always lie in perfection and can suit a variety of styles, from vintage to contemporary

Do you ethically source your materials?

We use responsibly sourced gemstones and conflict free diamonds. We also use 100% recycled metal.

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